Demonstrating the Multi-Tier Collaboration Process


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to add Partners to a Purchase Order

Multi-Tier Process

In Multi-Tier Collaboration, multiple trading partners are involved in the supply chain. These partners are the copy suppliers

The important thing to understand about a Multi-Tier Purchase Order is that it is a regular Purchase Order that includes partners in the header. Partners (Copy Suppliers) are specified in the Partners tab.

Rather than demonstrate the entire Multi-Tier Purchase Order creation process, this lesson focuses on this one important step: Add Partners to the Purchase Order header.

Copy Suppliers on the SAP Purchase Order

When creating a Multi-Tier Purchase Order, you may see a Copy Supplier listed as one of the function options on the Purchase Order header.

If you do not see a function option for a copy supplier, you will have to create one.

Click the boxes to show the fields. Click on the screenshot to zoom in.

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