Entering Goods for Consumption (US)


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Import Processing in SAP GTS

Since goods are usually entered for consumption at the border of the United States customs territory, the "customs declaration before goods receipt" integration scenario is best suited for cross-system import processing in the SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA feeder system and SAP GTS.

Upon arrival of the goods at the border or once the advanced shipping notification has been received, you can create a customs declaration from the work list using the Enter Customs Decls Before GR app. Based on this document, you can submit the entry or entry summary via ACE and receive CBP’s response messages.

If you file formal entries, you have to map the customs bonds deposited with CBP as master data in SAP GTS. You create these master data in the SAP Fiori launchpad using the Manage Import Securities app in the Customs Import space on the Master Data page.

PGA Codes

If your products fall within the competence of one or more PGA, you define the PGA codes relevant for your imports in the SAP Fiori launchpad using the Manage Authority Codes app in the Product & Classification space on the Master Data - Classification page.

Each PGA code has to be assigned to one of the three predefined categories "not relevant", "possibly relevant", or "relevant". If a PGA code is classified as relevant, the importer must inform the authority about the import. If the PGA code is "possibly relevant", the importer has to decide in each case whether the import is subject to monitoring by the authority.

You can maintain FDA product codes in SAP GTS manually or upload them from XML files purchased from a data provider (Manage FDA Product Codes app and Upload FDA Product Codes app respectively).

You can maintain default values for documents that the PGAs require when goods are imported in the product master. The document types entered on the Authorities tab are copied as default values to the document item of the customs declaration. In delivery Customizing for your SAP GTS system, you will find numerous document types for customs processing.

If PGA codes are assigned to the HTS codes, you can store other PGA-relevant data besides the document types on the Authorities tab. For example, you can enter the brand name of the product for declarations to the FDA.

How to File an Entry Summary from SAP GTS

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