Releasing Goods for Free Circulation (EU)


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Submit an import declaration

Release for Free Circulation after Discharging a Transit Procedure

The integration scenario described in this section is referred to as "customs declaration after goods receipt".

The goods receipt posting for an inbound delivery creates a material document that records the inventory change in the feeder system. The feeder system transfers the customs-relevant data of the material document to SAP GTS. There, these document data fill a work-list for customs declarations after goods receipt. From this work-list, you can create customs declarations for release for free circulation or for placement under another customs procedure. Direct replication of material documents as customs declarations is also supported.

The customs declaration in SAP GTS is the basis for communication with customs in the import procedure. You can access the work-list for customs declarations after goods receipt in the SAP Fiori launchpad in the Customs Import space on the Monitoring page. You can display this work-list using the Display Cust. Decl. WL After GR app. To create customs declarations from this work-list, you can use the Create Customs Declaration After GR app on the Declarations page.

If you have submitted simplified declarations or local clearance notifications (notifications of entry in the declarant’s records), you have to submit a supplementary declaration within a specific time-limit. You can access the app for creating and editing supplementary declarations on the Declarations page. The system selects all the customs declarations created for the simplified procedures for the settlement period and generates a new document for entering the data still to be reported.

You obtain duty statements from the customs authorities as response messages to your standard customs declarations or supplementary declarations. SAP GTS valuates incoming duty statements and generates documents with the information they contain (tax statements). You can display these documents using the Monitor Tax Statements app on the Related Documents page.

Release for Free Circulation at the Border

If non-Union goods are to be placed under a customs procedure upon introduction into the customs territory of the EU, you can submit the customs declaration in SAP GTS based on purchasing document replicas. This integration scenario is referred to as "customs declaration before goods receipt".

You can create the customs declaration for the import document from within the work-list by using the Create Customs Decls Before GR app. You can find this app in the SAP Fiori launchpad in the Customs Import space on the Declarations page.

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