Submitting Electronic Export Information (US)


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Electronic Export Information in AES

Companies in the United States have been able to file export declarations electronically since 1995 as part of the U.S. AES or through representatives such as customs brokers or forwarding agents.

Exporters and their agents can use the following two forms of declaration in AES:

  • Option 2: Filing the export declaration electronically prior to export

  • Option 4: Filing the export declaration electronically within 10 days of the export date (post-departure filing)

For Option 2, filing deadlines depend on the mode of transportation. Option 4 is available to approved filers only. Authorization to use this simplified procedure was granted upon request by the Census Bureau. Since 2003, however, a moratorium on accepting new companies into the post-departure filing program remains in effect.

SAP GTS provides a certified connection to AES (option 2) in Customs Management. All message types required and pre-configured communication control settings are provided in delivery Customizing for SAP GTS.

Cross-System Export Processes (US)

In SAP GTS, billing document replicas are used as the document basis for export declarations of any kind, including the electronic export information. These replicas are referred to as customs declarations in SAP GTS.

If you use shipments in your good issue processes in SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA, you can use the Shipment Consolidation: Generate Customs Declarations from Sales Docs transaction (transaction code /SAPSLL/CUS_INV_R3) available in the feeder system. This transaction makes it easier to create collective billing documents that group outbound deliveries transported together for export processing in SAP GTS. You can access this transaction on the Documents tab in the area menu for communication with SAP GTS.

In SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition, the right to use the functions provided in the Logistics Execution (LE) sub-component LE-TRA (Transportation) is limited to Dec 31, 2030 (see SAP Note 2269324).

Submit Electronic Export Information

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