Submitting Intrastat Declarations


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Submit Intrastat declarations using SAP GTS

Provider of Information

In the SAP S/4HANA feeder system and in the SAP GTS system, you have to define a provider of information for each company code that submits Intrastat declarations. Providers of information are stored as master data, which you create, change and display using the Manage Providers of Information app in the SAP Fiori launchpad of both the SAP S/4HANA feeder system and the SAP GTS system.

In the master record of the provider of information, you maintain general data, such as the exact address, the value added tax registration number, and the declaration currency as well as information on the file format of the declaration (for example, ASCII or XML). The provider of information has no direct connection to the company code of the feeder system it represents.

Cross-System Processing of Intrastat Declarations

Unlike in Compliance Management and Customs Management, there is no document replication for Intrastat in SAP GTS. The declaration-relevant data extracted from the feeder system are instead stored on the database in SAP GTS. The system automatically retrieves these data for the Intrastat declaration.

The SAP ECC feeder system uses the following programs to extract document data for the transfer to SAP GTS for Intrastat declarations. These programs collect the relevant data from purchasing documents and billing documents respectively:

  • Intrastat: Transfer Documents for Receipts (transaction code /SAPSLL/IS_MM)

  • Intrastat: Transfer Documents for MM Returns and MM Credit Memos (transaction code /SAPSLL/IS_MM_RET)

  • Intrastat: Transfer Documents for Dispatches (transaction code /SAPSLL/IS_SD)

  • Intrastat: Transfer Documents for Inter-company Billing (SD) (transaction code /SAPSLL/IS_SD_IB)

In an SAP S/4HANA feeder system, use the Transfer Dispatches and Customer Returns and Transfer Receipts and Returns to Supplier transactions (transaction codes /SAPSLL/IS_SD and /SAPSLL/IS_MM respectively) for data selection, or schedule the corresponding programs for background processing.

If you previously submitted your Intrastat declarations from your SAP ECC feeder system, and have therefore already defined relevant data such as the official keys for the nature of transaction or the mode of transport at the border, the feeder system can include this information in the data extracts transferred to SAP GTS. Delivery Customizing for SAP GTS provides the relevant official codes for Intrastat declarations in all Member States supported.

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