Creating and Managing Web Content with SmartEdit 


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Discover how to manage CMS web content with SmartEdit.

SmartEdit Overview

SmartEdit is the standard WCMS tool in SAP Commerce Cloud. It’s an intuitive, user-friendly UI for creating, laying out and managing highly-personalized website content on-the-fly in different inflection points.

In general, SmartEdit:​

  • is a JavaScript overlay atop the customer view that facilitates editing page content in context​
  • supports intuitive drag-and-drop actions on CMS pages ​
  • enables defining and previewing responsive design breakpoints​
  • manages personalization in context​
  • supports SAML Single Sign-On
  • can be extended based on the underlying Angular architecture to support needs of business users​

Let’s look at the following video to get an overview of the SmartEdit UI.​

SmartEdit Pages View

As seen in the previous demo video, SmartEdit provides three views for managing CMS content of a certain catalog version. They are Pages, Navigationand Homepage(also known as Live Edit).​

Let’s look at the following video to learn about the Pages view first.​

SmartEdit View: Navigation

The next view we want to look at is the Navigation View. It allows us to set up the menu items and links used in navigation components when they are displayed on the storefront.​

Let’s watch the following video to learn about the functionality of the navigation management in this view.​

SmartEdit Mode: Preview​

The last view is the Homepage view, also known as the Live Edit view.​ After clicking the Homepage/Live Edit, we usually enter the Preview mode.​

Let’s check out what we can do in the Preview mode.

SmartEdit Mode: Basic Edit ​

Now that we understand the Preview Mode, what if we want to do some simple editing of our CMS content? Let’s check out the next mode, Basic Edit​.

SmartEdit Mode: Advanced Edit

We've just learned how to preview and perform simple edits on CMS content. Are there any advanced edit possibilities? Sure there are. Let’s check out the Advanced Edit mode next.​​

SmartEdit Mode: Versioning​

SmartEdit also provides content versioning for pages.​ We can create, preview, search for, and delete a page version. We can also roll back to a page version and continue to edit the content.​

Let’s watch this video to know how.​

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