Working with the Engineering Control Center


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Work with the Engineering Control Center
  • Use the Engineering Control Center as an alternative UI for master data

Determine the benefits of the Engineering Control Center

The SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR)

Various external systems can be connected to the SAP system using the SAP interface. This enables data to be transferred between third-party systems and the SAP system.

The SAP interface is designed to support the bidirectional exchange of data between SAP and the CAD system. This means, for example, that data can be transferred from the CAD system to the SAP system, and that you can search for information in the SAP system and transfer it to the CAD system.

Most of the connected CAD systems use the SAP Engineering Control Center to transfer data with the SAP system.

SAP Engineering Control Center: The Simplified Platform

Watch the following video to get a first impression of what working with the Engineering Control Center might look like.

Explanation of exercises (simulations)

With the use of simulations, you will be able to experience and explore some of the supported business processes. The simulations allow the look and feel of the system behavior without the need of a personal SAP S/4HANA system or additional access to other trial, demo, or learning systems.

Therefore, please be advised, that the label Exercise used across all embedded simulations is not meant to experience the full content of the several end-to-end exercises offered to you via SAP Learning System Access, but is used because the simulation is provided to you in Practice mode, meaning it provides you a kind of hands-on exercise learning experience while working with the e-learning content only.

For all system exercises, you have two navigation options to choose from. The first option allows you to use the arrows in the header area to move thought the exercise. This option is recommended if you are already familiar with the system to some extent or want to get a quick overview of what the steps looks like. The second option allows you execute the required steps in the system yourself to get a good feel for the system.

To continue the exercise, you need to conduct the necessary steps, such as entering an object number, selecting Go, or selecting the arrow in the explanation box as shown below.

Simulation: Working with the Engineering Control Center

Please perform the following simulation Working with the Engineering Control Center to get a first impression of what working with an Engineering Control Center could look like. You search and work with existing master data or create new ones.

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