Administrating SAP SuccessFactors Platform


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Set up and administrate key functions and processes of SAP SuccessFactors Platform

Home Page

In this series of videos you will learn how to navigate the SAP SuccessFactors Platform:

  • Home Page
  • Admin Center
  • Upgrade Center

The home page is the default start page of the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. As an employee, the home page is your main entry point to the SAP SuccessFactors application and typically the first thing you see after logging in. It helps you complete actions quickly, see recent changes that are relevant to you, and get organizational updates.

Begin the video to learn about the different sections available on the Home page.


A welcome banner appears at the top of the home page, with a greeting message based on the time of day. You can use the default banner image or choose one that reflects your organization's brand.

Quick Actions

The Quick Actions section enables you to complete your most frequent or important actions. It's always visible at the top of the page and is designed to promote efficient, focused action for the most common use cases. Quick actions are visible based on role-based permission and system configuration, so you only see actions that are relevant to you.

The following quick actions are always visible to everyone:

  • The Favorites is where you can review a list of available links and select your favorites, so that you have quick access to them on the home page.
  • The Reminders is where you can see things you want to be reminded of later. When you choose the Remind Me Tomorrow option for a card, it moves here for 24 hours. The next day, it appears on the home page again.


The Approvals section shows you changes or requests that you need to approve, decline, or review. Approvals are to-do tasks, similar to the ones that appear in the page header and To Do List side panel. When you complete a task, it disappears in both places.

For some approval cards, you can accept or decline directly from the home page. For others, you have to go to another page and review more information before you approve or decline. Some approvals allow or require you to add comments, as needed.

For You Today

The For You Today section shows you other tasks you need to complete (besides approvals) and other content that's relevant to you. It's system-generated content that's displayed based on predefined business logic. As an administrator, you don't have to configure content in this section.

Like approvals, many tasks in the For You Today section are also to-do tasks. When you complete them, they disappear from both the home page and the To Do List side panel. Or if a particular task isn't shown on the home page yet, you can still see it in the To Do List side panel.

For each card, you can choose Remind Me Tomorrow to temporarily move it from the home page to the Reminders quick action. It reappears on the home page after 24 hours. Or you can Dismiss the card and remove it from the home page completely.

Organizational Updates

The Organizational Updates section shows custom content created by administrators in your organization. Custom cards can be made visible to specified target groups or at specified times.

Additional User Settings

The user settings and accessibility features make the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite easier for some people to use, according to their personal needs.

The following simulation will show you how an employee can personalize the home page and set various options for system and individual requirements.

The settings on the user menu include:

  • Start Page: Choose which page you see when you first log in.
  • Sub Tab Configuration: Choose which sub tab you see when you navigate to a tab.
  • Notifications: Choose the type of email notifications you want to receive.
  • Change Language: Choose a language from the supported languages implemented for your company.
  • Accessibility: Refers to the ability of all users to access and interact with the application, including those who use assistive technologies.
  • Proxy: Allow users to assign proxy or become proxy.
  • Groups: Create or import permission groups.
  • Mobile: Allows users to connect their mobile device to their company instance and access mobile features activated by an administrator.

Admin Center

Admin Center is the central access point to a wide range of administration features and tools that you can use to configure and maintain each of your SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Begin the video to learn how to navigate the Admin Center.

It also provides tools for monitoring overall system health and usage and for managing cross-suite and third-party integrations.

Anyone with permission to see one or more admin tools or admin pages can access the Admin Center, but they can only see the tools and pages that they have permission to see. The admin tools available to you in Admin Center depend on the SAP SuccessFactors solutions enabled in the system and the permission granted to you, based on your role.

The Admin Center is a tile-based landing page that provides quick access to many administrative features and a user experience that is consistent with the SAP Fiori standards. As an administrator, you can personalize the admin homepage to suit your individual needs, by adding or removing tiles. Tiles on the admin homepage give you quick access to many administrative features. Some tiles enable you to take action directly on the home page. Others provide a "snapshot view" and link you to another admin tool.

Admin Tools

Admin tools or administration tools help you to configure and maintain your system. Each SAP SuccessFactors solution provides admin tools that help you adapt the solution according to the needs of your business. Here are some of the basic admin tools that will allow you to manage SAP SuccessFactors Platform.

Managing Action Search

Action Search is a built-in feature that allows users to quickly find specific tasks in the system by typing a keyword in the search box at the top of every page.

As an administrator, you can optimize action search for your company and manage the actions that are available to users of your system. You add or edit search terms based on search usage data for your company to make actions more searchable. You can edit display labels, so that they better align with terminology used in your company.

You can even create your own navigation links with the Configure Custom Navigations tool and add them as custom actions in Action Search.

Proxy Management

Proxy access allows one person to access another person's user account and act on their behalf, for a specific purpose and in specific areas of the system.

Most customers use proxy access in one of two primary cases:

  • Ensuring that important business processes aren't interrupted by an individual employee's absence. For example, if an employee is unavailable or absent when a form is due, an assigned proxy can complete the form on the employee's behalf.
  • Troubleshooting and testing. You can use proxy access to quickly test how the system behaves for different users and different roles, without manually logging in and out of different user accounts.

As an administrator, you can manage proxy assignments for everyone in the organization.

The Upgrade Center

You can use the Upgrade Center to learn about and apply important opt-in upgrades and legal changes.

Begin the video to learn about the SAP SuccessFactors Upgrade Center.

If you are interested in an upgrade, but not ready to adopt it immediately, you can flag it for activation in the future. You can also share a link with colleagues to get feedback. Some updates can be easily undone with one click, directly in the Upgrade Center. For upgrades with the Undo option, you typically have up to 30 days to undo the upgrade.

Use the Home Page

Business Example

In this exercise, you will become familiar with selecting Favorites on the Home Page.


  1. Log in to your SAP SuccessFactors instance.

  2. Select the Favorites card located in the Quick Actions section.

  3. Select Available tab.

  4. Select the star by Goal Plan, Employee Files, and Reviews.

  5. Return to Favorites and make sure that the three items selected in previous step now appear.

  6. From the Favorites tab, Select Employee Files to go to your profile.

  7. Select the SAP SuccessFactors logo on the top left to return to the Home page..

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