Creating Text Replacements


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Replace system text with Text Replacement

Text Replacement Tool

You can directly customize some UI labels across the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, using the Text Replacement tool in Admin Center.

By default, the Text Replacement page shows the UI labels for the default language of the application. You can navigate to the other languages supported in the application by selecting the respective links available under Select Language on the Text Replacement page.

The text replacement tool uses two keys in the language pack (TEXT_REPLACEMENT_KEYS and ADMIN_TEXT_REPLACEMENT_KEYS) that you can customize. When you save custom values for the UI labels on theText Replacementpage, the default values of the UI labels are replaced with the new values wherever the UI labels are used in the application.

In the Text Replacement tool, the list of UI labels available for customization differs from one language to another. For example, a UI label that can be customized in English US may not be available for customization in French.

The custom UI labels that you define on the Text Replacement page override the default values of the UI labels, wherever they appear in the application.

While there are many options to change system texts in Text Replacement in the English language, the other languages do not necessarily have so many options. When using Text Replacement it is important to understand that you are only doing a text substitution, which does not change anything regarding the language specific grammar in the associated string. It is possible to create linguistic issues if the custom UI labels are used incorrectly.

Customize Text Replacement Settings

Business example

The company culture requires the use of company-specific terms instead of some of the words used in SuccessFactors. You are assigned the task of customizing the text replacement settings.

In this exercise, you customize the text for your SuccessFactors instance, and display the customized text to verify the text replacement.


  1. Change the variants of the word employee with the associate following the table below:

    Default TextReplace WithTextEmployeeAssociateemployeeassociateEmployee(s) Associate(s)Employees Associatesemployees associatesemployee's associate'sEmployee's Associate's
    1. Use the Action Search to navigate to Text Replacement.

    2. On the Text Replacement screen, enter the data in the table provided.

    3. Choose Save.

    4. Log out and back into the system.

  2. Display the customized text to verify the text replacement. (Please note: you may need to log out and back in to see the changes.).

    1. On the Home page screen, choose the Main menu.

    2. Verify that the option My Employee File is now called My Associate File.

  3. Revert the changes you have made by deleting all the variants of the word associate in the customized text column.

  4.  Log out and back into the system.


You customized the text for your SuccessFactors instance and verified the display of the replacement text.

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