Managing Mobile Settings


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Enable Mobile Functionality
  • Manage Mobile Settings

Mobile Feature Enablement

Mobile settings are enabled by going to Action SearchEnable Mobile Features, and selecting the mobile features you wish to enable. This functionality helps you to select which modules are available to your mobile users. The features include: having a mobile access code to access a mobile device and enabling mobile advertisements.

The Enable Mobile Feature has the following distinct sections:

  • Mobile Specific: The features in this section allow you to view and control basic mobile functionality. (For example, Theming, on device support, PIN, copy functionalities, reauthentification and so on)

  • Modules: In this section, you can view all the SAP SuccessFactors modules that are currently deployed in your instance and have mobile capabilities available.

Checking the checkbox will turn ON the functionality for all authorized mobile users. Unchecking the checkbox will turn OFF the functionality for all authorized mobile users.

Mobile features

Mobile Features Table

ThemingAs the admin, the header color and header logo of the iPad BizX Mobile app can be customized. The customized header will display for all End Users.

Enable to send notifications to mobile devises.

Push notifications are only supported in the current version of iOS and Android SAP SuccessFactors Mobile apps.
On Device SupportIn the "About" section of the BizX Mobile app, End Users can contact support. As the admin, the contact options can be configured.
Mobile PasswordEnd Users will be required to create a Password for each mobile device.
On-device Secure StorageWe strongly encourage leaving on-device storage ON, in order to increase usability and offline I loss of connectivity capabilities. When turning OFF on-device storage, a few items will still be cached on device: Learning off-line documents as well as SAP Jam documents.
Org ChartEnd Users browse through the Org Chart, similar to the web counterpart

Modules Table for Mobile Unit

SAP JamEnable social collaboration on the go.
OnboardingReduce anxiety of your new hire by providing them with all the information they need through the mobile first day experience.
Time OffEmployees and managers can record and view information on vacation, sick leaves, and other absences types.
Benefits (Beta)Employees can make benefits claims, and view benefits contact information.
Pay StatementEmployees can access their current and previous pay statements information from their mobile devices (Note: Please ensure you have internally tested and validated the payroll results end-to-end process before enable this Pay Statement feature within your production environment).
RecruitingNever miss a good candidate due to a slow process: Enable your employees to keep the recruiting process moving as fast as possible with mobile interview feedback, mobile job requisitions, and mobile offer approvals.
GoalsEnable users to view and edit their goals and managers to access their team goals.
PresentationsEnd Users can create and view a real-time presentation on specific employees.

Manage Mobile Settings

SAP SuccessFactors currently supports the most popular mobile platforms in the market. As an administrator, you can enable or disable mobile settings for the employees of your company. Mobile features are accessed through the SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) apps.

Mobile administration is simplified and aggregated in the Mobile Administration Panel. In this panel you will see four main features that will help you deploy and manage Mobile for your company:

  • Enable Mobile Features

  • Manage Permission Roles

  • E-mail Template Notifications

  • Manage Mobile Users

In this section, you learn how to enable mobile features, select mobile access permissions, and how to deactivate mobile devices.

Mobile User management

Manage Mobile User displays all the users who have activated at least one mobile device. This list also shows how many devices are activated per user. From this page, choose the Export All Mobile Users button to download a .csv file containing the full list of mobile users and the number of devices each one has activated.

You can deactivate the device of a mobile user by entering their first name and last name, or username into thePeople Search field. When you select the name of the user, a list of devices associated with that user is available, along with the option to activate or deactivate the device.

Select Send a New Mobile Activation E-mail at the bottom of the page to resend the mobile activation e-mail to a specific user. This functionality is only available if you have activated theMobile Activation feature.

Selection of Mobile Access Permissions

To specify which users can access their SAP SuccessFactors account, navigate to Manage Permission Roles(select the role you want to grant mobile access to)EditNextGeneral User PermissionMobile Access, and then choose the permission role you want to allow your users to access.

To have a controlled rolled out strategy, follow the steps above, but instead of selecting All Employees, select the groups targeted for rollout. You can create a new specific "Mobile" group if needed. You can give mobile access rights to as many groups of users as you wish, and gradually roll out mobile access to different groups of users.

Mobile e-mail notification

The Mobile E-mail Notification feature simplifies the mobile user activation process and raises awareness of the new mobile capabilities among your workforce, we created a Mobile E-mail Notification feature. This feature enables you to customize an e-mail template that will be used to send a single e-mail notification to all users who have been granted mobile access.

When users receive the e-mail they see two links. When the links in the e-mail are selected from their mobile devices, the users can perform the following functions:

  • Download and install the SAP SuccessFactors mobile application from the corresponding app store. This redirecting is automatic, based on the mobile operating system that is detected.

  • Activate the mobile application from the device. This process leverages the regular SAP SuccessFactors web application login mechanism.

Select E-mail Notification Template Settings and turn on the Mobile Activation Notification e-mail template that is now displayed at the bottom of the page as desired.

Mobile device activation

You can activate the mobile device of a user by going to SettingsMobile and entering the device activation code. After the device is activated, a list of devices associated with that user and the option to deactivate that device will be listed.

Follow this one time process to sync your SAP SuccessFactors Mobile app with your SAP SuccessFactors HCM account. Follow the step-by-step screens on your smartphone to generate your unique activation code:

  1. Download the App

    Visit your smartphone mobile app store from your smartphone and search for ‘SuccessFactors’. Follow the download instructions.

  2. Enter the Activation Code

    Log into your SAP SuccessFactors account from your PC. Select the Name menu. Select Mobile. Enter the Activation Code.

Configure Mobile Access Features

Business example

Demonstrate how to enable access for a mobile device user.


  1. Grant permission to the Full System Administrator to access mobile permissions.

    1. From the Action Search go to Enable Mobile Features.

    2. In the Mobile specific tab, activate the check-boxes for Notifications. Choose Turn ONand OK.

    3. For the Modules, activate Goal Management and Career Development Planning. Each time, select Turn ON and OK.

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