Using Admin Alerts


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use Admin Alerts

Admin Alerts

To use this feature, you need the Administrator PermissionsAdmin AlertsConfigure Alert Types permission.

You can configure the system to automatically acknowledge (auto-acknowledge) specific admin alerts after a defined amount of time.

For some admin alert types, the module specific applications have enabled the feature to acknowledge alerts. This is applicable for the following alert types:

  • Time Valuation
  • Periodic Time Account Update
  • Employee Time Calendar Creation
  • Termination End Handling Alert
  • Processing Paired Time Events for Time Sheet
  • Absence Segmentation
  • Reallocate Absences
  • Time Collector

For these alert types, you can now define an amount of time after which an alert is acknowledged automatically (auto-acknowledged). The applications define a maximum value after that, an alert is auto-acknowledged.

Up to the maximum value, you can configure the system individually with an amount of time specific to your requirements. After that, an alert is set to auto-acknowledged.

In the current version, the alert table includes an Auto-Acknowledged column. In the Configure Alert Type popup, you can now set the number of days after which alerts are auto-acknowledged. There's also a Retract Acknowledgment feature that you can use to revoke the auto-acknowledgment.

How to use an Admin Alert

Business example

Company administrators need to know how to track and resolve system issues using Admin Alerts.


  1. Access Admin Alerts and configure alert options.

    1. Use Action Search to navigate toAdmin Alerts.

    2. In the Admin Alert Type field select MDF Data Volume – Picklist Values (0).

    3. Select Subscribe to Emails.

    4. Select Set All To… and select Daily.

    5. Click OK.

    6. Select Information and review the Description field for this type of alert.

    7. Click Close.


You now know how to access and configure Admin Alerts.

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