Using the Org Chart


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure Org Chart settings using Org Chart Configuration

Org chart configuration

The V12 Org Chart provides an interactive view of the organizational hierarchy and reporting relationships, including matrix managers, for your users. This view allows users to open multiple teams with dynamic horizontal or vertical layouts. The V12 Org Chart is built in HTML5 to support usage in mobile browsers.

After the V12 Org Chart is enabled using the Upgrade Center, you can configure Org Chart settings from Admin Center → Company Settings → Org Chart Configuration. Here you can turn on V12 Org Chart and control basic org chart features, including whether photos are displayed.

Display photos on the Org Chart

Business Example: In this exercise you will learn how to configure the Org Chart.



  1. Disable photos in the Org Chart.

    1. Log into your instance. Use Action Search to navigate to View Org Chart.

    2. Note that you can see a photo of HR Coordinator om the Org Chart.

    3. Use Action Search to navigate to Org Chart Configuration.

    4. In "Basic org chart" disable "Display Photo" by clicking on the white hook in the blue box

    5. Click on "Save" at the end of the options and note the green hint that says "* Changes saved successfully".

    6. Test your new setting by using Action Search to navigate to View Org Chart. Note that there is no photo of HR Coordinator on the Org Chart anymore.


You have configured the Org Chart by disabling photos.

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