Modifying Existing Data Conversion Processes in the Facade Layer


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Modify the existing data conversion process in the facade layer, by completing an exercise

Facades Exercise

Finally, it's time to put into practice what you have learned so far. This involves using the existing facade implementation, as well as customizing and extending them to meet specific requirements.

Perform the Facades Exercise.

To access the exercise material and the preconfigured exercise environment, you need to have a SAP Learning Hub subscription. This subscription further grants you access to LSA for SAP Commerce Cloud.

The blog post: LSA (Learning System Access): Yet Another Way to Learn SAP Commerce Cloudcontains the information that you need to find and book the learning system. Just remember to search for "C4H34B" to find the "Practice" system entry for this course.

Only after you manage to book the learning system and log into it (following the related system set up guide), you will be able to access to the exercise.

When you complete the exercise, or if you encounter a problem along the way, you can view the following:

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