Understanding System Requirements


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Identify the hardware and software required to install SAP Commerce Cloud.

System Requirements

As an SAP Commerce Cloud technical professional, you must establish a local system for platform development. Therefore, before we delve into our learning journey's main content, let's understand some fundamental system requirements.

Knowing these requirements empowers you to effectively manage SAP Commerce Cloud on your local system, specifically for project development. To deepen your understanding, make sure to watch the next video:

If your goal is to understand SAP Commerce Cloud's development capabilities, you won't need a development system, despite what the previous video suggests. ​

However, if you wish to engage in activities throughout this course, you need a paid subscription to the SAP Learning Hub to access a ready-to-use development system.

The blog post: LSA (Learning System Access): Yet Another Way to Learn SAP Commerce Cloud contains the information that you need to find/book the learning system. Just remember to search for "C4H34Be" to find the Practice system entry for this course.

If you already have a Learning Hub subscription and have logged into the SAP Learning Hub, follow this link to the SAP Live Access as part of your learning journey:


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