Analyzing Service Layers and Commerce Services


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Analyze the architecture of the SAP Commerce Service Layer and the options for service implementations in the commerceservices extension

Service Layer Architecture

Because SAP Commerce Cloud uses a Service-Oriented Architecture, its functionality is divided into layers. Your site’s business logic is found in the service layer, which connects the presentation and persistence layers.

This is where you implement your own logic, using Type System Models to exchange data with out-of-the-box infrastructure and high-level business services.

The architecture of this layer is presented in the following video.

Commerce Services

The commerceservices extension provides high-level business services to satisfy B2C use cases by orchestrating calls to lower-level platform services. This extension also extends item types and functionalities originally defined in other extensions.

Let’s explore the commerceservices extension in the following video.

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