Understanding Supported Product Variants


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Discover supported product variants in SAP Commerce Cloud that help a customer select a product modeling approach

Supported Product Variants

Product variants allow the customer to select the exact variation of a product they wish to acquire by specifying values for its variant attributes, such as color or size.

SAP Commerce Cloud supports two types of Product Variants. Let's explore each one individually.

  • Basic Product Variants:
    Note, while the Basic Product Variants offers a higher-performance advantage, even with the inclusion of more custom attributes, it's essential to understand that it can be costly due to the required technical development in such situations.
  • Multidimensional Product Variants:  
    Keep in mind, this approach allows business users to add new variant attributes in the Backoffice. It offers good performance but is slower than the basic approach.

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