Describing Web Intelligence User Interface Elements


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explore the different elements of the Web Intelligence interface

Main Toolbar

In Design mode, the Main Toolbar contains only general commands that apply to the overall document.

These commands should be familiar and have been reorganized for a simpler and faster access.

Side Panels

In Design mode, two buttons are displayed at the right side of the toolbar, one for the Build Side Panel and one for the Main Side Panel.

This new organization is intended to simplify the way you open and select these panels. It also provides you with more flexibility for the display of your documents.

For example, to get more space for your document, you may close all side panels, or open only the Build Side Panel. These two last actions cannot be performed in SAP BI 4.3.

Main Side Panel

The Main Side Panel is accessible all the time in both Reading and Design mode.

The Main Side Panel group several tabs:

  • The Objects tab lists the objects retrieved from the data providers and allows you to manage variables.
  • The Structure tab lists the different elements (tables, charts, cells, ...) used in the current report.
  • The Map tab allows you to navigate the sections of the report you're viewing.
  • The Comments tab allows you to view, add and manage comments in the document.
  • The Document Properties tab displays the document properties and statistics, and allows you to edit some of its options.
  • The Shared Elements tab allows you to view, add and manage shared elements.
  • The Prompts tab lists all the prompts of the document.

Watch this video to explore the Main Side Panel:

Build Side Panel

The Build Side Panel is accessible all the time in both Reading and Design mode.

Its content is contextual and changes depending on the selection on the canvas:

  • The Data tab is used to define the data displayed in a report element: data feeding, filtering, sorting, ranking, etc.
  • The Format tab is the central place for all formatting actions.
  • The Object Properties tab is used to edit the properties of the objects that are part of the query. You can change their name, qualification, description, data type, etc.

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