Displaying and Formatting Data in Reports


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Present and format data in reports.


The report functionality allows you to organize and present multiple sets of data in a single document.

Insert a Report

The last command in the menu (Copy Link of the Report) copies the Opendoc URL to this report into the clipboard. You may copy and share this URL that can be used to directly open this report.

View Modes

Depending on how you want to work with data and how you want the data to appear, you can switch between two viewing modes: Quick Display mode and Print Layout.

By default, the document opens in Quick Display mode. This mode displays tables, reports, and free standing cells in reports and a maximum number of vertical and horizontal records, depending on the settings.


Avoid Page Break option has no effect in Quick Display mode.

Report Format

You can format your report and report elements in order to present the report with a company style.

Select the report and the Format tab to view formatting settings.

The table lists the Display settings:

In Design select Build Side PanelFormat tabDisplay sub-tab, you can add a description in the Description text field, with details or comments for your reports. This text is displayed in a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the report’s tab or over its name when it is displayed in any list.

In a document, reports can be:

  • Always hidden: to hide instructions or intermediate calculations from the user.
  • Conditionally hidden: to display a report with additional details depending on the result of a formula.

A document must always have at least one report that is always visible.

Watch this video to learn how to hide a report:

The table lists the Appearance settings:

The table lists the Layout settings:

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