Creating Insights Using Data Analyzer


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Analyze data in a simple interface

Use Data Analyzer to Create an Insight

Data analyzer is a predefined ready-to-run service for SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) queries, SAP HANA Live views, SAP Datasphere models, and SAP Analytics Cloud models for ad hoc analysis. All SAP BW queries, SAP HANA Live views, and SAP Datasphere models can be accessed directly in the Select Data Source dialog, and no additional model is created.

Data Analyzer - User Interface

Data analyzer provides either a tabular or chart view of your data, a filter area, and a builder panel with drag-and-drop capabilities to add and remove dimensions and measures from the table. In addition, you have a menu bar with a Refresh option and an Edit Prompts dialog (if your data source is designed for setting prompts). Finally, you can create calculated measures to enhance your analysis. These calculations exist only in the insight and are not transferred to the data source.

After you have drilled down to the data details according to your needs and analyzed your data, you might want to save this insight. For this, choose Save in the upper left corner of data analyzer. In the Save Insight dialog, select the file location for your insight and enter a name and description for it.

Create an Insight Using the Data Analyzer

Business Scenario

You have been asked by your team to create an insight accessing data from SAP HANA without performing a data import.

Task Flow

In this practice exercise, you will:

  • Create a new insight from an SAP HANA data source.
  • Add conditional formatting to the insight.
  • Add a calculated measure to the insight.

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