Knowledge quiz

It’s time to put what you’ve learned to the test, get 7 questions right to pass this unit.

When you are scheduling, to how many non-SAP Analytics Cloud recipients can you distribute?
Choose the correct answer.
What are the three primary access levels you can assign when sharing files?
There are three correct answers.
In the SAP Analytics Cloud Catalog, what access do you have to the files?
Choose the correct answer.
When scheduling a publication, what are the two file type options?
There are two correct answers.
Your users need a story where the pages adjust the size and location of the elements on the page depending on the device, or size of device, being used to view the story. What page type should you use?
Choose the correct answer.
You want to use the embedded help function in SAP Analytics Cloud to support you. What is offered by the embedded help?
There are two correct answers.
SAP Analytics Cloud includes Enterprise Planning, Augmented Analytics, Enterprise Platform Services, and Business Intelligence. True or false?
Choose the correct answer.
The Data Access Language option determines the preferred language for which areas of SAP Analytics Cloud?
There are two correct answers.

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