Exploring the SAP Analytics Cloud AI Functionality for Augmentation


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the SAP Analytics Cloud augmented analytics functionality
  • Use Search to Insight

SAP Analytics Cloud Augmented Analytics Functionality

SAP Analytics Cloud provides you with many artificial intelligence and machine learning utilities to assist you in your data analysis and planning activities.

Smart Predict

Create one or several predictive models that automatically learn from your historical data, and find the best relationships or patterns of behavior to easily generate predictions for future events, values, and trends. For example, predictive forecasting takes different values into account, and also looks at trends, cycles, and fluctuations in your data.

Smart Insight

Right-click a chart element or data point in a table, and the system adds context. For example, in a table with a total salary value, SAP Analytics Cloud can help determine what the key contributors are to that total.

Smart Discovery

Create a story automatically with supervised machine learning using regression for measures and classifications if you select a dimension.

Search to Insight / Just Ask

Request information in natural language simply by typing a question about your data. You can access this AI-driven feature from the Home page or from the icon in the main horizontal menu.

Search to Insight is the default application. Just Ask must be enabled by administrators. For more information on Just Ask, including the most complete and up-to-date list of supported prompts and restrictions, you can visit Exploring Your Data with Just Ask | SAP Help Portal

Supported Predictive Features

Some of these augmented features are unique to either live or imported data models, and some apply to both.

SAP Analytics Cloud - Supported Predictive Features

Imported DataLive Data
  • Predictive Forecast
  • Search to Insight
  • Smart Insight
  • Smart Predict***
  • Predictive Forecast
  • Search to Insight *
  • Smart Insight**
  • Smart Predict***

*Search to Insight for live data is supported for all live connections except for SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Datasphere.

**Smart insight for live data is supported only for SAP HANA on-premise.

***Smart Predict on acquired data is supported for datasets and planning models but not for analytic models. Smart Predict on live data is supported only for SAP HANA on-premise.

Additional Information

Augmented analytics using Smart Features is covered in more detail in the Applying AI-powered Augmented Analytics to Business Data in SAP Analytics Cloud learning journey.

Search to Insight

Search to Insight

Search to Insight lets you ask questions in plain language which automatically generates visualizations with your answers using artificial intelligence. One place you can access Search to Insight from the Home screen in the Ask a question field under the Welcome message.

Home screen with an arrow pointing to the search to insight field

For example, you can type show me gross margin over time which produces the following time series chart:

Search to insight result

Use the Search to Insight Feature

Business Scenario

Search to Insight is a natural language query interface used to query data. Simply ask it a question, and it will recommend a chart to insert into your story. It is a quick and easy way to explore your data.

You are working in a team that must report on operating expenses for your company. You aren't sure where to start, so decide to use the Search to Insight functionality in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Task Flow

In this demonstration video, we will show you how to:

  • Access Search to Insight from the Home page
  • Create a search query
  • Refine the query to further explore data

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