Using the SAP Analytics Cloud Calendar


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Add a task to the SAP Analytics Cloud calendar

Calendar Tasks

The SAP Analytics Cloud Calendar

Use the calendar to organize your work flows. You can create different types of tasks and assign people to work on them and others to review the work. You can use processes to manage multiple tasks.

Example of creating a composite task in the calendar

The calendar provides following features to view, create, and manage your tasks:

  • Collaborate
  • Set and track status
  • Assign reviewers
  • Add reminders
  • View due dates

Watch this video to learn how to create a calendar task for submitting and reviewing planning data.

Scheduled Publications

You can also use the calendar to manage scheduled publications. When you have scheduled a story or application, the scheduling job appears on your calendar. From the calendar you can view, modify, copy, discontinue, or delete a schedule.

Users with the Manage permission on Schedule Publication can alter a schedule you have created.

Use the Calendar to Collaborate with Colleagues

Build and Use Calendar Tasks

Business Scenario

You are part of a team with multiple contributors to a story. You need to create a task to have an edit that you have performed reviewed and approved so you use the SAP Analytics Cloud calendar to collaborate with your colleague.

Task Flow

In these practice exercises, you will:

  • Create a composite task in the calendar and define a reviewer
  • Send a message to your reviewer indicating you removed dimensions from the table
  • Review and approve the story as a reviewer
  • View your calendar task to see that it is completed

Task 1: Share a Story with Full Control Access

Task 2: Create a Composite Task in the Calendar

Task 3: Review and Approve the Story

Task 4: View Your Task Status

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