Creating Contact Criteria-Based Segments and Combined Segments in SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create segments based on contact data and learn how to combine multiple segments..

Birthday Scenario - Segments

Once you imported the event participants, you can segment the contacts based on their upcoming birthdays. This step will allow you to create a birthday campaign later.​​

Next, you'll learn how to build segments using contact data and combine segments in SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.

Contact Criteria-Based Segment

Contact, email behavior, geolocation and Smart Insight segments are essential for your daily marketing activities. Let's look at how to build segments using contact criteria!

Combined Segments

With SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement you can combine multiple segments and contact lists to target your contacts accurately. You can also create multi-layered, complex segments, which are much more efficient than having many side-by-side segments. Let’s check out how to create combined segments.

  1. Enter your segment name and add a description.
  2. Specify your target audience.
  3. You can link elements within a subgroup using the Match all (AND) or Match any (OR) operator.
  4. Add a segment or contact list by clicking Add Criteria.
  5. Add another subgroup by clicking Add Subgroup.
  6. You can exclude segments, contact lists, or groups by clicking Add Exclusion. These can be linked using the AND, AND NOT or OR operators.
  7. Click Hide All Details in the top right corner to collapse all groups and subgroups. As a result, details of all groups and subgroups will be hidden, and only the name of the groups and the number of criteria within all groups will be displayed.
  8. To check the size of your target audience, click Calculate.
  9. When you are ready, click Save.

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