Exploring Tactics in SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Understand the benefits of customizable Tactics linked to strategies and objectives, which save time and effort when creating Automation programs..

Tactics in SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

With Tactics you can create pre-built Automations programs to achieve specific goals. Each Tactic has been designed following an extended analysis of the most successful Automation Center and Interactions programs based on best practices. Tactics require minimal configuration and customization. In minutes, they can be downloaded, installed, and activated in your account. Let’s discover how Tactics work!

Tactics Page

On the Tactics page, you can generate pre-built programs. The title and a short description of the Tactic will help you choose.

You see the statuses of your created programs linked to a specific Tactic. You can open and unlink them by clicking on the status tag.

You can search and filter for Tactics based on status, categories, and strategies; these can be found on the Strategic Dashboard.

The created Tactic will be in the Automation Programs list, and it will include predefined entry points, actions and channels that you can change.

Welcome Scenario - Tactics

Now let’s see how to use and customize a Tactic to save time and effort when creating a welcome program!

Tactic Creation

  1. Options and variants: They depend on your account configurations. Choose them according to your needs. Here you will find details of the program that will be created and the list of the affected strategies. In this case, only the email channel will be included.
  2. Summary: You see the essential information and the expected length for the creation.
  3. Creation and notification: Once the program is ready, the system lets you know even if you navigate elsewhere within the platform. You can directly access the created program.
  4. Automation editor and built program: The program is created and can be customized. It contains the corresponding nodes. If you click on a node, you can open, edit or modify its settings. Let's see what we have in this filter switch!
  5. Channel node: Change the pre-generated demo emails to your branded emails by clicking on the email nodes.
  6. Program status: If you wish, you can modify further; otherwise, the program is ready for testing or activation.

To learn more about Tactics, please go to Tactics - Overview.

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