Using Email Templates and Managing General Email Settings


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use templates and manage settings in the Visual Content Editor (VCE) for creating targeted campaigns and better sales conversion.

Managing Email Templates and Settings

The SAP Emarsys Visual Content Editor (VCE) uses templates and simple blocks for fast email creation. With VCE, you can easily create and design great-looking email campaigns.

In the Content menu, select Block-Based Templates to open the Your Templates page.​

​On this page, you can create, copy, change, and delete your templates and use prebuilt templates. Just hover on the template you'd like to use to see these options.

  1. You can search among your templates.
  2. You can copy and adapt prebuilt templates to your brand and design.
  3. You can manage your existing templates: edit, copy, delete, or distribute if you have multiple Emarsys accounts.
  4. You can start creating your email based on this template.
  5. You can see and restore your previously deleted email templates.
  6. It opens the template editor, where you can define your new template's style, layouts, blocks, and variables.

To learn more about managing email templates, go to SAP Emarsys Help Portal - Managing templates page.

Let’s look at how to start building an email campaign on the Email Settings page.

  1. Email Name: The internal name for the email campaign.
  2. Language: You can select the language of the Emarsys unsubscribe and online version pages. You can enable them in the Content Creation step.
  3. Email Category: You can use or create a category to filter emails on the email reporting pages and segmentation.
  4. Send Text-Only: If you want to send only a text version of this email, activate this checkbox.
  5. Step Bar - Workflow Steps: You can navigate between the email creation steps.
  6. Recipient Source: The type of recipient source defines how it generates the launch list. Here you can determine the source from a list or a segment, an API call, or via an event. Then you can select the specific list, segment, or event type.
  7. Save: Save your email settings; you can move to the Content Creation page using the step bar at the bottom.

To learn more about the recipient source options, go to SAP Emarsys Help Portal - Recipient source page.

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