Planning Succession Management


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Outline succession planning.

Succession Planning Concept

The aim of succession planning is to be able to fill key roles effectively if a current position holder leaves the position or the organization.

Cultivate your next generation of talent and engage and retain current employees to support your strategy and success:

  • Place the right people in the right roles with employee development planning and succession planning tools.
  • Help employees expand their skills and advance their careers with ongoing employee development and leadership development.

SAP Succession Planning

SAP Succession Planning can help you develop the talent that you need to achieve your business goals, while providing visibility and planning capabilities to support future growth.

Succession Planning can help you:

  • Assess employee potential.
  • Enable strategic succession management.
  • Create meaningful career development plans.


Succession Planning must have integration with the following components:

  • Personnel Administration – need the employee data.
  • Organizational Management – need the link to positions.
  • Personnel Development – must set up Qualification Catalog as need the qualification objects to link them to the employees and to the jobs and positions of Organizational Management.

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