Describing the Integration Assessment Capability Within SAP Integration Suite


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the Integration Assessment capability
  • List the main benefits and use cases of the Integration Assessment capability

Introduction to the Integration Assessment Capability


Besides the template-based approach for the assessment of your integration strategy via SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology, there is also the possibility to perform certain steps using the Integration Assessment tool, which is a capability of the SAP Integration Suite.

The Integration Assessment capability enables you to automate key parts of the SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology. The capability is part of the SAP Integration Suite and provides a tool-based approach based on SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology. It supports you in introducing integration governance into your company by defining, executing, and documenting an enterprise integration strategy within and across your organization.

Use Cases and Benefits

The derived benefits and different use cases of the Integration Assessment capability are as follows:

  1. Shape your integration technology strategy:
    • Covers key parts of SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology with tool-based approach.
    • Provides recommendations on how to integrate with SAP to ensure a turnkey start.
    • Allows to maintain custom recommendations, incl. third party applications and technologies.
  2. Introduce integration governance:
    • Determine policies to establish integration guardrails within your company.
    • Select the most appropriate technology for given integration scenarios.
    • Enhance the collaboration between related roles (integration architects, business domain experts, integration developers).
  3. Gain insights into your integration landscape:
    • Build an inventory of existing integration technologies.
    • Get an overview of how integration technologies are applied and interconnected within and across an application landscape.
    • Document integration requirements, technology proposal, and selection.

An Overview of the Integration Assessment Capability

Let’s take a closer look into the scope of the tooling. When you open the Integration Assessment within your SAP Integration Suite, you are welcomed with the overview page, showing your requests (divided into Business Solution Request and Interface Request).


Good to know! A Business Solution Request focuses on the business or project perspective, while an Interface Request represents the technical view of integration scenarios. The difference between these two will become clearer throughout this lesson when looking at the different roles (for example, Integration Architect/Developer) and their specific tasks.

From here, you can either navigate deeper into your single requests, or navigate through the different action buttons on the left menu side (Analyse, Configure, Settings). When to use which function of the menu is shown in the following lesson.

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