Calculation Run Preferences


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Use system preference to fine-tune calculation behavior.

Calculation Run Preferences

The performance of the Calculation can be fine-tuned in the System Preferences workspace. The following settings are available:

Maximum Payment Value Allowed: If a value is specified, the pipeline does not generate payments that are either below or equal to the specified value.

Maximum Data Log Entries per Error: Sets the maximum worker log entries for Message Logs workspace.

Path to Export Pay File: Specifies the location of the Pay File generated in the Post stage. Specify the path using forward slash. For example: C:/console.

Audit Logs Retention Days: Audit logs will be purged after retention days are passed. If this value is set to zero, the audit logs won't be purged.

Allow Negative Payments: Specifies whether to allow negative payments to be posted. If negative payments are allowed, no balance is carried to the next period.

Allow exports of XML data with circular references: If checked, the export of XML data with circular references is allowed.

Generate Transaction Adjustments when Existing Transactions are Imported: If enabled, transaction adjustments are created when existing transactions are reimported.

Run All Transactions on Order: If incremental mode is run and the order-level functions are enabled in transaction credit rules, activate this property. Leaving this property inactivated improves performance.

On Demand Position Processing: Specifies the use of on-demand position processing. If set to True, only active positions are processed. If set to False, all positions, including inactive ones, are processed.

Log Warnings to Database: Specifies whether warnings are displayed along with errors. If inactivated, only errors appear in the Pipeline workspace. If activated, warnings will appear as well.

Generate Credit to Transaction Summary: If enabled, the Credits table is populated as part of the Allocate stage. Disabling this feature can improve performance.

Disable Org Search and Validation for Transaction Participant Pre-Assignment: If enabled, payees in preassigned transactions are validated against the organization data.

Search Order ID Starting with Term and Case Sensitive: If enabled, the "type ahead search" for order ID is case sensitive and starting with term. This offers better performance.

Enable Runnable flag on manual transaction edit: If set to True, any time a transaction is edited, the Runnable flag will be checked. If set to False, editing a transaction will not automatically make it runnable. Set to True by default.

Generate Transaction Assignment for CES Rule: If enabled, the territory processing stage will be run in the Pipeline to process the CES rules to generate transaction assignments.

Use Parallel Credit Write: Enables parallel writing of credits to the database, improving the performance of the Allocate stage.

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