Creating Positions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create positions

Creating Positions

A position represents a specific and unique job within a company. This job can be a role or function that an individual can perform, such as "Sales Rep - West," "Vice President Europe," "Partner A," "CFO," etc. You can assign a participant to one or more positions, however, only one participant can be associated with a position at any given time. You can then assign each position to their territory and targets.

Positions can be added manually, or they can be imported from an external source such as your HR system. Details about importing data are covered in Unit 8. You can also export position data for use by other systems for analysis purposes.

Use the Manager field on the position record to relate a position to another position, which forms a manager-to-subordinate relationship. The application uses this relationship to construct the reporting hierarchy.


Before you create a position, you must first set up participants and titles. These are required fields to create a position.

Create a Position


  1. Navigate to OrganizationPositions.

  2. Choose Create ().

  3. The Add New Position screen opens. Add the following information about the position.

    Required fields are noted:

    • Name (Required): Unique name or code for the position
    • Description: Description of the position
    • Participant: Participant who is assigned to this position
    • Title (Required): Title for this position. Note that you can use this title to group positions into categories or job families to simplify identification and common tasks
    • Manager: Position to which the new position reports
    • Target Compensation: Expected on-target compensation for this position
    • Business Units: Relative business unit
    • Effective Start Date (Required): Effective start date for the record
    • Effective End Date: Effective end date for the record

  4. Save your changes.

    The effective dates must coincide with the effective dates of the participant you assign to this position. Version dates don't need to match the participant versions. The business unit of the position must match one of the business units assigned to the Participant with whom the position is being associated.


As an example, Bikes in Motion has decided to hire a new regional sales director for the southern region of the US. The name of this position is RSD-NAS, and John Adams will hold this position.

Notice in the image below that the new position has the participant ID set to PA-1140, which is John’s ID. This assigns John’s participant record to the position record.

Copying Positions

When you copy a position record, all the values of the original record are copied and the Name value is prefaced with Copy of.

Copy a Position


  1. Navigate to OrganizationPositions.

  2. Check the box next to the record for the position you would like to copy. You can only copy one record at a time.

  3. Choose Copy ().

    The details of the new position open.

  4. Edit the record.

  5. Save your changes.

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