Exploring Accounts


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  • Explore accounts

Exploring Accounts

The Accounts workspace enables you to define your current, past, and potential customers. Accounts can have relationships with other accounts, allowing you to model large and complex organizations. For example, you can define a parent account with multiple sites or other business units that you do business with. In these cases, you can define site-based targets for the account. Once created, you can add accounts to a territory program where you can optionally associate products and allocate them to positions.

You can add account data manually or you can import account data using Excel or the Express Data Loader (XDL). Importing data to Territory and Quota is covered in Unit 8.

The following options are available from the Account Workspace:

Column SearchFilter records by searching any columns.
CreateCreate a new account.
CopyCopy an account.
UploadUpload a spreadsheet to add account data. You cannot delete existing account information using this feature.
DownloadDownload a spreadsheet that contains data for all existing accounts. Also download a template spreadsheet to populate data that you can later upload.
Launch WorkflowLaunch associated workflows.
DeleteSelect accounts to delete.
Select ColumnsCustomize the columns shown in the workspace.

Throughout this course you’ll notice the terms attribute and field used interchangeably, both in the course content and in the videos.

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