Exploring Territory Programs


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  • Explore territory programs

Exploring Territory Programs

Now that the Organization data (Participants, Titles, and Positions) has been configured and the Accounts and Products have been added to your application, it’s time to start creating Territory Programs and Territories.

Territory Programs are the core functionality of the application. Using our example of Bikes in Motion, our company will be using the system to allocate territories and quotas to each member of its growing sales force. The first step will be to create a territory program that contains all the settings for the territories: the effective dates, quota setting methodology, permissions, baseline periods and program options, to name a few.

When you’re working with Territory Programs, the main workspace you’ll start with is the Territory Tree to select your territories. If you think of a territory program as a tree, the elements of the tree would be as follows:

Besides the Territory Tree tab, there are additional screen tabs available for the Territory Program:

Screen TabDescription
DashboardProvides key statistics and information about a territory program. Available to administrators for each territory program.
DetailDisplays a summary of the territory program.

Targets: allows you to configure one or more quota target types for a territory program.

OverlayTypes: allows you to associate one or more overlay types to a territory program.

Alignment Types: administrators and managers can create and specify alignment types to automatically align object with root and branch territories in a territory program.

Alignment Config: helps you to enforce uniqueness for account and geography alignments.

Workflow: enables sales operators to efficiently control how quotas are distributed. With SAP Advanced Workflow, you can configure custom workflows to gain additional flexibility and control over the quota distribution methods and tasks.

Integrations: settings for integrations once they are enabled, such as with SAP SuccessFactors Incentive Management.

MapOnly available to super admins, the Map Tab includes all mapping functionality and can be used for the entire territory program. A Mapping App is also available to Territory Managers and Sales Reps. The Mapping App enables users to access the mapping functionality only for the specific territories to which they have access.
HistoryView an audit trail of all the events that impact the territory program, territory, or any subordinate territories.

Once you select a territory on the Territory Tree tab, the territory opens in the right pane, and you can choose from the following tabs:

Screen TabDescription

Displays the basic details about the territory. On this tab, you can do the following:

  • Update details as necessary.
  • Use Manage Versions to create, update, delete, or save an existing version as a new version.
  • Delete a territory.
TeamDisplays all the positions assigned to the territory.
AlignmentsDisplays the accounts, products, geographies, and rules that have been assigned to the territory.
QuotasView quota targets configured for the territory and participate in quota distribution workflows via a variety of actions.
AllocationDisplayed only for roll-up territories, this tab is visible based on user roles. Managers and administrators can use this workspace to distribute their quota target to subordinate territories.
HistoryDisplays a list of changes to the territory. You can view a territory name, the type of event, the type of action performed, the user who performed the change, and a timestamp.

The main Territory Program workspace has the same options as other workspaces seen previously:

Column SearchFilter records by searching any columns.
CreateCreate a new territory program.
CopyCopy a territory program.

Upload a territory program or Granular Quota spreadsheet to add a new program or update the Program Status value.

NOTE: Each territory program supports 1 root level. When uploading data, make sure you upload data for only 1 root level.

DownloadDownload selected territory programs or download all. Using the Selected Data option, you can download specific territory program items and specify the record range to download. A maximum of 7,000 records can be exported in a single download.
DeleteDelete the selected territory program.
Select ColumnsCustomize the columns shown in the workspace.

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