Setting up Permissions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Set up permissions
  • Create new roles
  • Configure role-based permissions

Overview of Permissions

Role-based permissions are configured within the Incentive Management Portal. First, roles need to be created; once a role is created the access users with that role have to the application can be specified using permissions.

Role-based permissions can be configured for the following workspaces/functionalities:

  • Account
  • Account Classifier Hierarchy
  • Geography
  • Granular Quota (no Delete option)
  • Territory
  • Territory Account
  • Territory Geography
  • Territory Position
  • Territory Product
  • Territory Quota (no Delete option)
  • Territory Rule
  • Version and Scenario
  • Date Format - Availability of date options: Specific, Relative and Calendar-based dates in Advanced Date Control.
  • External Application - Controls access to AI and Mapping features

You can also define feature-based access permissions for Organization data including Position, Participant, and Title. It is recommended that you set the same permissions in both Incentive Management and Territory and Quota.

Additionally, the following access restrictions are supported to enhance security:

  • You can restrict access to administrative items by Role.
  • You can restrict all users from editing Positions, Participants, Titles, and Accounts.
  • You can restrict visibility to the Revenue of an Account that is not part of the user’s territory.
  • You can restrict user operations to a particular Business Unit. The regional admins can have View-Only access to other Business Units. For example, if an administrator only belongs to the US Business Unit, they will only be able to see US accounts, products, and so on. If an administrator is a global user, they can see data for all Business Units.
  • Only relevant actions based on Roles and Permissions are displayed in Territory Program, Territory Positions, Territory Account, Territory Geography, Territory Rule, Account Classifier Hierarchy, and Manage Quota workspaces.

New Roles and Permissions

Once you add the role, the permissions are added to that role.

Add New Roles and Permissions


  1. In Sales Performance Home, choose the User Administration tile.

  2. In the left panel, choose Roles to expand the Roles section.

  3. In the Territory Quota section, choose Add Role ().

  4. Enter the Role Name and Description.

  5. Choose Add.

  6. The detail page for the Role appears with the Permissions section displayed.

  7. Choose Add under Permissions.

  8. Select a Permission Type for the role from the Type dropdown.

  9. For each Action you want to permit for the role (Create, Edit, View, Delete), select the toggle button. When enabled, the toggle is displayed in green. Choose Save to add the Permission to the Role.

  10. Repeat steps 7-9 for each Permission you wish to add to the Role.

  11. Choose Save to save all changes to the Role.


Feature-Based Permissions

Within the Territory Program are some Territory and Quota permissions that can be set at the application level. Open the Territory Program and choose the Detail tab to set the following permissions under Program Options:

Territory Manager PermissionsQuota Manager Permissions
  • Allow Managers to create a new version to distributed territories
  • Allow Managers to edit rules
  • Allow Managers to create scenarios
  • Allow Managers to assign any account
  • Allow Managers to change the alignment type
  • Allow Managers to assign any user
  • Allow Managers to adjust historical data
  • Allow Managers to download/upload quotas
  • Allow Managers to edit quota breakdowns
  • Allow Managers to view quota breakdowns
  • Allow Root Managers to view quota settings

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