Analyzing Availability Control Figures


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Analyze availability control figures.

KPI Grants Budget AVC Overview

App Functionality

This app allows you to analyze availability control figures. It shows consumable budget, consumed budget, and available budget on the AVC control object level (see Unit 3, Lesson 1, Budgeting in SAP Grants Management: Overview, for an introduction to control objects). A drill down to both the document level and the account assignment level can be done.

The tile shows a micro chart with the overall consumable budget, consumed budget, and available budget.

When you open the app, it displays the figures broken down by different attributes. The result can be filtered by control objects.

Display of Consumable and Consumption Details

When you select one object, the consumable and consumption details can be displayed.

Detail Views by Account Assignment

Detail views by account assignment and document information are available. From here, you can jump to the document display.

KPI Grants Billing Analysis

Functionality of the App

KPI has the following measures:

  • Outstanding billables
  • Billed and not paid revenue
  • Collected revenue


Outstanding billables are only displayed for grants with billing rule resource-related billing or billing plan.

The tile shows a micro chart with overall figures that can be broken down and visualized by several account assignments when opening the app. Table display is also available.

KPI Grant Budget Alert

Functionality of the App

This app can be used to get an alert if a customizable budget threshold is exceeded for a control object combination.

The tile displays the number of alerts, and when it is opened, the app displays a list of control object combinations with consumable, consumed, and available budget. A chart display is also available.

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