Using SAP Grants Management: Basic Overview


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Gain an overview of SAP Grants Management functionality
  • Grasp how SAP Grants Management helps grantee organizations to manage the complete lifecycle of a grant and requirements set by the sponsor

SAP Grants Management

Introduction - Business Scope

This course covers the management of grants from a grantee perspective. The grantee organization receives sponsored funds from a sponsor (grantor) and adheres to common requirements (such as cost sharing) specified in a grant contract.

Grants Management enables a grantee organization to manage a grant from award to closure, co-fund a grant, perform tasks related to grant funded projects, invoice and report back to the sponsor. The grantee organization can record, analyze, and report the usage of grant funding as prescribed by the sponsor.


In order to use SAP Grants Management, you need to include the following scope items:

  • 4GX Grants Management
  • 3QE Government Budget Management
Government Budget Management is required in order to distinguish internal from external funds for the purpose of cost sharing.

Apply Rules of the Sponsor

In the following section, we will examine a collection of questions that generally occur when you manage a grant. Some of these questions are relevant from the very beginning; others are only when the grant has been awarded.

Grants Management for Grantee offers functionality for these topics.

Grants Management for Grantee handles all of the rules set down by the sponsor in a flexible way. You can customize rules for each grant or sponsor so that the system accounts for totally different sponsors at the same time, even if some of the sponsors require contradictory processes.

SAP Grants Management

What kind of expenses will the sponsor fund? They will fund sponsored classes/programs in the Grant Master. Master Data Derivation and Posting Control, which are concerned by the following:

  • What stages will the grant go through? Grant Lifecycle and Workflow Approval

  • How do you budget and consume the grant? Budgeting, Availability, and Posting Control

  • How do you calculate overhead costs? Indirect Costs (IDC)

  • How much does the grantee organization have to contribute? Internal/External Funding for Cost Sharing

  • How do you consider revenues? Program Income and Revenue Increasing the Budget

  • How do you bill the sponsor and when? Manual and Automatic Billing

SAP Grants Management Functionality

SAP Grants Management provides the following capabilities to entities such as governments, research, educational and non-profit organizations that are recipients of sponsored grants:

  • Master data management for sponsors, grants, sponsored classes and programs
  • Recording of all budgeted funding received for grants, including internal funds
  • Full integration with all cost generating modules (for example, HR, Travel, Procurement, Leasing, and so on)
  • Cost sharing between the grantee and grantor organization
  • Indirect cost handling
  • Differentiate between eligible and ineligible costs for invoicing the sponsor
  • Billing to the sponsor
  • Reporting all grant related costs and revenues

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