Integrating SAP Grants Management and SAP S/4HANA Cloud


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain grant account assignment integration
  • Examine the way specific roles are delivered as part of SAP Grants Management


Integration Expenses/Revenues Components

Grants Management budget consumption updating is aligned with the integration of Budget Management. This means that the grant, as an account assignment, is supported in all the integrated consumption postings generating expenses and revenues. For example, the grant can be assigned to assets, leasing contracts, treasury instruments, personal master data, purchase orders/requisitions, and earmarked funds, and from there the expense and revenue posting will be populated with the grant in the commitment and actual postings.

Expense/revenue postings are integrated using the universal ledger in the General Ledger Accounting (Transparent Table ACDOCA). This means that there is no reconciliation required between the different components - for example, financials, controlling, asset accounting, and budget management.

Integration with Budget Management

The budget execution and consumption functionality between the components budget management (3QE) and grants management (4GY) are similar. In general, external sponsor budget will be posted under the master data dictated by the sponsor:

Grant, External Fund, Sponsored Program, and Sponsored Class

On the other hand, internal budget for cost sharing can be posted on all budget account assignment master data:

Grant, Internal Fund, Sponsored Objects, Budget Period, Cost Center, WBS Element (to be configured)

A budget that is not assigned to any grant activities is posted under the special grant, "Not Relevant".

Budgets are posted in the universal planning table, ACDOCP.

Integration with Projects

Generally, sponsors fund projects. While a sponsor often funds exactly one single project, the relationship with WBS elements can be N:N. This means that one WBS element can be sponsored by multiple grants and several WBS elements can be sponsored by one single grant.

The scenarios need to be set up as follows:

  • 1:1 relationship between WBS element and grant. Here the grant will be entered in exactly one WBS element and the fixed assignment flag is set.
  • N:1 relationship between WBS element and grant. Here the grant will be entered in several WBS elements and the fixed assignment flag is set.
  • 1:N relationship between WBS element and grant. Here the grant will not be entered in the WBS elements (or one grant will be defaulted without fixed assignment flag). Either the grants will be entered manually in the postings or the automatic account assignment distribution will be used in order to split line items to several grants (for the same project).

In addition to the grant in the project, you can also enter a default sponsored program and a fund in the WBS element. In the case of cost sharing for one single WBS element, costs can be distributed automatically to internal and external funds using the automatic account assignment distribution.

Delivered Grants Management Roles

In SAP Grants Management, the business roles - Grant Responsible and Grant Specialist - are enabled for the existing Grants Management apps.

  • Grant Responsible (SAP_BR_GRANT_RESPONSIBLE): The grant responsible is responsible for the grant application and execution in a public sector organization. Tasks include workflow approvals and the monitoring of grants execution.
  • Grant Specialist (SAP_BR_GRANT_SPECIALIST): The grant specialist is responsible for initiating and performing all grant-related administrative processes in a public sector organization. Tasks include the preparation of sponsor financial reports, maintenance of master data, grants lifecycle management, and the execution of grant related transactions such as IDC and billing.

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