Outlining the Business Scenario and the Assigned Stakeholders for this Learning Journey


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Outline the business scenario that is used in this Learning Journey
  • Name the major stakeholders that appear in this Learning Journey and explan their roles

The Business Scenario Used in This Learning Journey

In this learning journey, we accompany Paula Project, an HR IT Project Manager at Dreams without Limits Ltd.. Dreams without Limits is a new SAP customer that want to implement the Hire to Retire process. To do this, they seek the help of the Implement HXM! implementation partner.

For an overview of the end-to-end process, click on the magnifying glasses.


This learning journey focuses on the capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM. The Hire to Retire process shown here serves as an example, it is not discussed in detail.


For more information on the solution process flow for Hire to Retire for Cloud Deployment, refer to SAP Business Accelerator Hub (https://api.sap.com/). Select Business Processes from the menu, choose Recruit to Retire with the Hire to Retire for Cloud Deployment solution variant. On the resulting page, you can make a number of selections. For example, to display the solution process flow diagram, you can select Solution Process Flow. To display all supported business activities contributing to the business process variant, you can select Solution Value Flow Diagram.

Main Stakeholders and Their Roles

As Dreams without Limits wants to implement the Hire to Retire process with the help of their implementation partner Implement HXM!, two teams must collaborate: the partner implementation team and the customer implementation team.

Let's have a first look at the main stakeholders in Dreams without Limits, Implement HXM!, and the SAP Customer Success organization.

In this example, the partner implementation team from Implement HXM! has the following members:

  • Alexander Architect, acting as the SAP SuccessFactors Solution Architect
  • Carl Consultant, acting as an SAP SuccessFactors Senior Consultant
  • Joanna Junior, acting as an SAP SuccessFactors Junior Consultant

The customer implementation team from Dreams without Limits has the following members:

  • Paula Project, acting as the HR IT Project Manager
  • Reginald Release, acting as the Release Manager
  • Dave Deploy, acting as the Deployment Manager
  • Peter Process, acting as the HR Process Owner
  • Anna Lyze, acting as the HR Analyst. It is planned that she also takes the role of the system administrator after go-live.
  • Tess Ter, acting as tester
  • Scott Look, acting as an IT Support member

From SAP Customer Success, Susan Success acts as the Customer Success Partner, and Delia Delivery acts as the Service Delivery Consultant.


Choose single stakeholders to receive more information about their role and their background.


For more information on a potential team structure, refer to the blog SuccessFactors Implementation Team Structure for Success.


For more information on SAP trainings for SAP SuccessFactors, refer to SAP Training Web Shop and search for THR80 and THR81.

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