Course overview


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • understand the learning objectives of this course, orient yourself through this learning path and
  • access your demo workspace, reflect on your comprehension and understanding of the content

Course overview

Hello and welcome!

The video below will explain to you what you can expect from this course and what different topics are covered when. This allows you to get ready for a successful navigation throughout this learning path. Additionally you will learn how to access your LeanIX demo workspace.

Demo workspace

In this course, you have the opportunity to check out the LeanIX tool yourself and solve small challenges throughout the course.
Please note that you only have VIEWER rights  in this demo workspaceand cannot make any changes.

Click the button to access our LeanIX demo workspace right away:

LeanIX demo workspace

Explore the tool yourself to get the first glimpse into LeanIX dashboard, inventory, reports, and diagrams.

Help needed? 

If you cannot access the link above, you can follow this instruction and use this log-in detail:

(If you already have a LeanIX workspace, you need to first log out from your current LeanIX workspace)

1. Open your browser and go to this URL:

2. You will see a window to enter this credential to log in:    


Password: Academy_Practitioner_Demo

3. Then you are logged in!

Log in to track your progress & complete quizzes