Applying SAP Notes in the Shadow System


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Apply SAP Notes in the Shadow System

SAP Notes in the Shadow System

This section introduces the concept of SAP Shadow Notes.

During the zero-downtime run, you may have to apply SAP Notes on the shadow repository. Those SAP Notes are often referred to as "Shadow Notes". SUM stops in phase MAIN_SHDIMP/SUBMOD_SHD2_RUN/CHECK4NOTES_TOOL_SHD2 showing a respective dialog listing the required SAP Notes.

Shadow Repository

  • The shadow repository is based on the target release.
  • For support and feature package updates, the shadow repository is built up from the source release.
  • In case of release upgrades, the shadow repository is created from the SAP export media.
  • SAP Notes for the shadow system deliver code changes that are required to fix issues in the export media or target feature/support package.
It is very important to carefully check all listed SAP Notes for implementation at this point of the SUM procedure. They may only contain source code changes. Do not try to implement SAP Notes with manual activities. In case an SAP Note contains manual steps, raise an incident for the application component.

Digitally signed SAP Notes

Note that in ABAP systems, by default, the SAP Note Assistant must be capable of downloading and consuming digitally signed SAP Notes using HTTP connection as this type of SAP Note is now mandatory. The SAP Note Assistant of the source system needs to be enabled to work with digitally signed SAP Notes.

If the source system is not enabled to work with digitally signed SAP Notes, you can manually download the requested SAP Notes from SAP Support Portal and upload them in the shadow system.

Further information

Apply SAP Note 3070546 in the Shadow System

Select Start Exercise to start the simulation.

This exercise covers the process of applying SAP Notes on the shadow repository. SUM stopped in phase MAIN_SHDIMP/SUBMOD_SHD2_RUN/ CHECK4NOTES_TOOL_SHD2. You will log on to the system and apply the SAP Notes requested by SUM. Afterward, you will resume the SUM procedure.


  1. Check the missing SAP Notes listed in the SUM UI.

    1. In the SUM UI, choose Next to resume the SUM procedure.

  2. Log on to the system and apply the SAP Notes.

    1. Log on to the original system with user DDIC_DEV. The password is already pre-filled.

    2. Enter transaction code SM59 in the transaction box.

    3. Extend the ABAP Connections in the navigation tree.

    4. Double-click on the RFC connection SAP_UPGRADE_SHADOW_SYSTEM.

    5. Choose Remote Logon to get connected to the shadow system.

    6. User and password has been pre-filled. Confirm the login with Enter.

    7. Enter transaction code SNOTE in the transaction box.

    8. Download the requested SAP Note 3070546.

    9. Switch to the SAP Note Browser where you enter the SAP Note Number 3070546 to filter the result list. Execute the dialog to display the list of SAP Notes.

    10. Open the SAP Note 3070546 by double-clicking on it.

    11. Check the Implementation State. If the SAP Note shows "Can be implemented", go ahead reading the long text of the SAP Note. Make sure that no manual tasks are listed.

    12. Choose the Implement SAP Note button. Follow the dialog to create a new transport request with the short description, SAP Note for Shadow System.

    13. Set the processing status to Completed. Now, all required SAP Notes have been implemented in the shadow system. Switch back to the Software Update Manager UI.

  3. In the SUM UI, choose Next to resume the SUM procedure.

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