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Filters and View Settings for Packaging Elements

Packaging Elements

Packaging elements are the smallest divisible unit of packaging after consumption of the product. Packaging elements define what the packaging consists of, what it is used for, or how it is disposed. The information below provides an in-depth explanation of some attributes of packaging elements.


To see a complete table of all the attributes that packaging elements consist of, see PackagingElement_Template.xlsx.

Packaging Elements

Basic material fractionDefines the detailed material a packaging element consists of, for example, wood, paper, aluminum, glass, and so on. A code list is provided in the template files.
CompoundA packaging element marked as compound consists of more than one basic material fraction that cannot be separated from each other by the end-consumer.
Unit of measureThe unit of measure of the packaging element must match one of the units of measure of the related products. Preferably it matches the base unit of measure of the related packaging material.
Packaging typeDefines the type of packaging, for example, cup, envelope, pallet, and so on. A code list is provided in the template files.
Packaging material numberRepresents a product ID as used in SAP S/4HANA. For the same time frame a packaging material number can only be assigned to a single packaging element.
UsageDefines where the packaging element is finally used, for example, household, commercial, or transport. A code list is provided in the template files.

How to View Packaging Elements

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