Preparing to Set up an ABAP Environment


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Prepare an SAP BTP subaccount for setting up an ABAP environment in SAP BTP

Business Example


ABAPENV Corporation is a multinational manufacturing company that uses SAP ERP systems to manage its business processes.

Business Challenge

Maintaining and scaling its traditional on-premises ABAP environment is the main challenge for the company. The current infrastructure lacks flexibility, making it difficult to respond quickly to evolving business needs. The company aims to allocate resources towards cloud-based services and tools to improve collaboration and decrease operational expenses.

Proposed Solution

Considering the challenges, the company decided to migrate its existing ABAP environment to SAP BTP. They want to streamline ABAP development, accelerate application deployment, and enhance overall business agility.

Meet Company's IT Administrator

Michael Wilson is part of the IT administration team at ABAPENV Corporation. His team is tasked with setting up an ABAP environment in SAP BTP. This will involve creating a seamless transition from the on-premises ABAP environment to the cloud, enabling improved collaboration and optimized operational expenses.

Michael is ready to start with the setup. Before he can proceed, let's check to see if he fulfills certain prerequisites to set up an ABAP environment.

So, what are these prerequisites?

  • Does Michael have subaccount administrator authorizations in SAP BTP?
  • Does Michael have ABAP service as an entitlement?
  • Does Michael have Web access for ABAP service as an entitlement?

Let's check these one by one.

Global Accounts and Subaccounts

Set up Subaccounts

To start creating the ABAP instance, you must log in to your subaccount on the SAP BTP system. To have all the necessary rights to administer the respective SAP BTP system, it is important that you are the subaccount administrator.

Refer to the following screenshot. Open the Security section in the left navigation bar. Choose Users and click on your user to open the user detail page. Under Role Collections you can see the assigned role collection Subaccount Administrator.

It seems that Michael has a subaccount on SAP BTP.

For more information about subaccounts, follow this link:

Basic Platform Concepts | SAP Help Portal

ABAP Entitlements

Check ABAP Entitlements

As a subaccount administrator, you need to have all the necessary rights to administer the respective SAP BTP system.

Let's check if Michael, as a subaccount administrator, has ABAP service as an entitlement.

First, in the left side navigation bar of your subaccount under Entitlements, check if the service ABAP environment is available. If this entry is missing, contact your Global Account Administrator for your SAP Business Technology Platform accounts.

Refer to the following screenshot.

You need the following plans to be present in the ABAP Environment service:

  • plan abap_compute_unit with one quota
  • plan hana_compute_unit with at least two quotas
  • plan standard, which is shared

The minimum configuration of one ABAP compute unit and two HANA compute units is sufficient in many cases to create one service instance for the ABAP environment. If you need more resources, choose higher quotas. Keep in mind that increasing the SAP HANA Cloud storage using the parameter size_of_persistence_disk consumes 0.002 HANA compute units for each GB that exceeds the minimal size of the persistence disk.

SAP BTP ABAP Environment supports two Cloud Foundry service plans for ABAP systems:

  • standard for normal development, test, and productive systems

  • saas_oem for systems to provide multitenancy SaaS applications

With the selection of the standard service plan, you can size the ABAP runtime and the SAP HANA memory independently from each other. To be able to do your sizing, you must also select the quota plans abap_compute_unit and hana_compute_unit.

Previously, service plan 16_abap_64_db was also offered as a predecessor of service plan standard. However, service plan 16_abap_64_db is now deprecated.

Cloud Foundry

Enable Cloud Foundry

Since the ABAP instance is a service that runs on the Cloud Foundry runtime, you must enable Cloud Foundry in your subaccount if you have not already done so. To do this, choose Enable Cloud Foundry.

Watch the video about how to enable Cloud Foundry.

Steps to Enable Cloud Foundry
  1. In the SAP BTP Cockpit, navigate to your subaccount.
  2. Choose Enable Cloud Foundry.
  3. Enter a name for the Cloud Foundry organization and choose Create.

For more information about Cloud Foundry environment, follow this link:

Cloud Foundry Environment

Cloud Foundry Space

Create Space

Spaces provides users with access to a shared location for app development, deployment, and maintenance. An org can contain multiple spaces. Every app, service, and route is scoped to a space. Roles provide access control for these resources and each space role applies only to a particular space.

Watch the video about how to create space.

Steps to Create Space
  1. In the SAP BTP Cockpit, navigate to your subaccount.
  2. Choose Create Space from the Cloud Foundry Environment section.
  3. On the Create Space dialog box, enter a name for the new Cloud Foundry space and leave the checkboxes for Space Manager and Space Developer selected.
  4. Choose Create.

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