Identifying new features and enhancements for Core/Platform, Backoffice and Commerce module


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the latest updates on Core/Platform, Backoffice and the Commerce module

Core/Platform changes

Compatibility Guide

The updatedCompatibility Guide is a valuable addition, providing insights into the compatibility of add-ons, independent software vendor products, extension packs, and Composable Storefronts. This guide aids businesses in ensuring seamless integration with SAP Commerce Cloud releases.

Control Behavior of SAP Commerce Cloud During Upgrade or Initialization Process

The introduction of intentional system stops during data import errors ensures meticulous validation of configurations and project data processing. This feature enhances the reliability of system updates and initialization processes.

Configuration-Driven Approach to Performance Testing in HAC

By implementing a configuration-driven approach in the Administration Console (HAC), Free-text input for SQL statements in HAC for performance testing purposes is removed. Custom properties related to the SQL queries should now be configured properties directly.

Backoffice Enhancements and Commerce Module upgrades

Backoffice Deep Linking Support

Backoffice now supports deep linking, facilitating direct navigation to specific resources. With three types of deep linking options, Backoffice becomes more user-friendly and efficient.

Solr 9 Upgrade

The upgrade to Solr 9 brings compatibility improvements, urging businesses to transition from Solr 8. The impending end of support for Solr 8 in Q4 2024 emphasizes the importance of this upgrade for sustained performance.

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