Spotlighting OCC Enhancements, CMS & SmartEdit upgrades and the Customer Support on Composable Storefront


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand the changes occured in Omni Commerce Connect, CMS and SmartEdit and the Customer Support on Composable Strorefront

Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) Enhancements

OCC V1 Deleted

By removing OCC v1, SAP Commerce Cloud aligns with its goal of providing a modern, headless commerce experience, simplifying back-end upgrades.

OCC API Enhancement for Bundles

Enhancements to the OCC API now support accelerator feature parity for bundles, streamlining the shopping experience and improving customer satisfaction.

New OCC API for Invoice Display

The addition of the Invoice OCC API facilitates access and download of invoices associated with orders, providing detailed information for improved transparency.

New OCC API for Requested Delivery Date

Introducing the Requested Retrieval Date OCC API for preferred delivery dates enhances the checkout process, allowing customers to select and verify delivery dates.

CMS, SmartEdit and Composable Storefront updates

Angular Upgrades

The upgrade from Angular 11 to Angular 15 in SmartEdit ensures continued compatibility and functionality. With Angular 11 being out of maintenance, customizations must be upgraded to maintain seamless SmartEdit operation.

Version Check Added for Web Application Injector

To address SmartEdit loading issues, a version check is now incorporated into webApplicationInjector.js, providing clarity on compatibility issues between SmartEdit and the storefront.

Composable Storefront Updates

Extensive support for Assisted Service Mode (ASM) in both web services and composable storefront includes enhancements in:fostering a more personalized and efficient customer experience.

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