Performing a Backup


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Back up and restore your Cloud Connector configuration.

Back Up and Restore Your Cloud Connector Configuration

Since the Cloud Connector doesn't store any data, it may not require frequent backups. However, once you've installed, configured, and customized the Cloud Connector to its desired state, you should take a backup of its configuration. If this configuration is changed later, you should take another backup. Always have a current backup of the latest Cloud Connector configuration.

To back up or restore your Cloud Connector configuration:

  1. Choose Connector in the Cloud Connector Administration UI main menu.
  2. Use the buttons on the upper right to back up or restore the configuration.
  3. Specify a password for the backup archive.

The configuration is backed up to a compressed file on the Cloud Connector host. From there, move it to a safe location.


Now, you’re able to back up and restore your Cloud Connector configuration.​

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