Customizing screens


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Modify screens to tailor the system to meet the customer’s needs.

Customizing screens

Personalization and extensibility

Once you implement SAP Cloud for Customer, you can define the way your system is displayed. The system comes with standard master layouts for each page or screen in the system.  Admins can update these layouts or create new page layouts with new fields and adaptations and allow the ability for business user personalization. Since personalization is all about the business user, an administrator can set a standard layout and allow for many types of personalization features. 

Personalization enables individual users to modify their own view of screens. This feature and level of personalization is controlled by the administrator. Personalization only impacts the user making the change to a screen. This allows the user to tailor the system to the way they use it on a daily (or regular) basis.

If a business user desires, they can reverse personalization and go back to the admin given defaults by choosing the option 'Discard Changes' when in personalization mode.

Extending the master layout

You can view extra fields on a layout that are marked as "not visible" by the admin, drag, and drop to easily move screen sections to another location, set the regional time settings, select whether to display additional onscreen explanatory text, and manage passwords.

Adaptation mode

Next, you'll learn about the key user tool capabilities.

Customizing screens

In the next two videos, you'll learn how to customize the screens. The first video shows you how to activate Adaptation Mode in the system. The second video shows you how to create and implement a code list restriction.

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