Uncovering features and functions of SAP Sales and Service Cloud


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Uncovering features and functions of SAP Sales and Service Cloud

SAP Customer Experience portfolio 

SAP Customer Experience has brought together the functionality of a cloud-based CRM environment paired with an omnichannel platform. 

Industries currently supported

SAP Customer Experience with sales and service offer tailored solutions for specific business categories, layered with industry-specific solutions.   Some of the industries currently supported are: 

Even though SAP does not host all of their cloud applications, they do host some. Data Center locations are currently situated in the following locations: 

Public versus private edition

By default, a system houses many tenants for multiple customers. Customers can purchase private edition subscriptions, which entitles them to a system with no other customer tenants on it.

Test versus production

Test and production tenants are always on separate systems. Test tenants are always upgraded around two weeks before productive tenants.

Admin Action - Connect tenant to SAP for communications. When logging into the test tenant for the first time, an admin must set up communications with SAP and understand where to find all maintenance and service-related tenant settings. This is found in the Service Control Center.


The maintenance schedule is defined on the system level. When maintenance such as hotfixes and upgrades are applied, they are applied to a system, thus impacting all tenants on the system.

Service Control Center

The Service Control Center is the connection with SAP, only system administrators should have access to this work center.

It contains all the information on the following areas: 

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