Integration with social media


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  • Discover the benefits of integration between SAP Sales and Service Cloud and social media.

Integration with social media

Social media integration

Considerations when setting up social media channels:

  1. What channels will be set up (Twitter, Facebook, etc)?
  2. How often should import runs be scheduled?  Best practice is one channel to one run. For recurring runs, they should have at least 5 minutes between import runs. 
  3. When do we import social media profiles?
  4. Will we use message handing?  Do we want workflow rules to route the social media message to the correct team for processing?
  5. Will we prioritize social media messages?  Perhaps set up and prioritize by Klout score.
  6. How will we handle operational metrics?  Are there Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that we need to stay in compliance with?  How will we report on those metrics?

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