Using Presales Documents


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  • Use Presales Documents

Presales Documents

During a presales phase, your customer might send you a request for a quotation or non-binding sales information. You might also receive inquiries, for example, about material prices or delivery dates. As a sales representative, you can create corresponding quotations based on such inquiries to provide the customers the information they need.

SAP S/4HANA allows you to document such information in two sales document categories:

Watch the video to learn how to use inquiries and quotations and how they can be referenced to each other.

The use of inquiries and quotations is not mandatory for the sales process.

How to Process Presales Activities: System Demonstration

In the following demonstrations, learn step-by-step how the presales activities described in the video are processed in the system.

Let´s start with creating an inquiry.

Next, learn three different methods of creating sales documents with or without the reference function.

If you have access to the SAP practice system, go to the practice system now and do the exercise Create Presales Documents.

Finally, learn how to set a reason for rejection. As outlined in the video, a presales document might not be referenced or might only be partly referenced. For example, if you are not able to supply the full quantity of an inquiry on the customer's requested date. The reason of rejection allows you to complete the quotation.

When you use a reason for rejection (such as too expensive, or delivery date too late), you also store valuable information in the system that can be used to analyze sales, and could influence your sales strategies in the future.

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