Applying mass changes to job information in Admin Center


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Apply mass changes to job information in Admin Center

Mass changes

In Employee Central, Manage Mass Changes tool an administrator to simultaneously apply changes to Job Information or Job Relationships to multiple employees. Examples of mass changes include changing office locations, corporate restructuring, or assigning a new manager to a group of employees as part of an organizational change. For example, if you need to efficiently assign a new HR representative to Carla Grant’s sales department, use the Manage Mass Changes tool.

How To Set Up a Mass Change

Go to Manage Mass Changes . The steps for setting up a mass change job are as follows:

  1. Provide a name for the job.
  2. Create a group for the impacted employees. The interface and criteria are like that of the role-based permission group.
  3. Enter the Effective date of the change.
  4. Select whether the change is for Job Information or Job Relationship.
  5. Choose the correct field from the Job Information or Job Relationship.
  6. Enter the value for the field.
  7. Select the appropriate Event Reason (applies to Job Information only).
  8. Select Save and Initiate to run the job. Alternatively, use Save if you do not want to execute the job immediately.

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