Configuring the People Profile after initial setup

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure the People Profile after initial setup

Employee Central People Profile overview

Configuration of People Profile

The Configure People Profile tool is an easy, drag-and-drop interface to add sections, subsections, and information blocks to the profile.

Sections and subsection labels can be customized in this tool. You can also use it to configure other general settings, such as the ability to add an introductory text or video, manage background images, add profile completion reminders, and configure rating data settings.

People Profile Edit Field Configuration 

Within the Configure People Profile tool, you can arrange the order of the fields in the edit screen for certain sections, such as Personal Information and Job Information. You can also choose a country to rearrange country-specific fields within that block. 

Exercise: Configure People Profile

Business Example

ACE Corp finds some of the default labels used in the People Profile template confusing. Some sections, subsections, and blocks are labeled similarly. They would like to change the label of a subsection.


  1. Change the label of the Personal Information subsection to My Info.

    1. Navigate to Configure People Profile using Action Search.

    2. Under the Personal Information section, select the Personal Information subsection.

    3. In the right panel, replace the subsection label with My Info.

    4. Select Apply to All Languages

    5. In the confirmation pop-up, select OK.

    6. Select Save.

    7. Use the main navigation menu to go to My Employee File.

    8. Verify that the subsection label is changed.


    For more practice, you can replace any other subsection labels you want. Remember that the course content images are based on default labels in the training environment.

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