Updating the Admin Permission Role


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Update the Admin Permission Role

Update the Admin Permission Role

Business Case:

Administrators must have the required permissions to configure the system. Employee Central Payroll-specific permissions are not needed at this time.


Update the System Admin Role


  1. Set (or verify) the permissions listed below for the System Admin Role. Select All permissions except Field Level Overrides for the following Permission Section:

    1. Employee Central Effective Dated Entities

    2. Employee Central Import Entities

    3. Report Permission

    4. Employee Data

    5. Manage Foundation Objects

    6. Manage Foundation Objects Types

    7. Manage Mass Changes

    8. Manage Workflows

    9. Manage Hires

    10. Admin Alerts Object Permission

    11. Admin Center Permissions

  2. Validate to see if the permissions were saved.

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